A fast, cost effective tool for regional exploration of minerals and petroleum


      Mineral exploration

      • Rapid assessment of the geology in difficult or poorly mapped terrains
      • Event Signatures” for comparison of crustal histories from different areas
      • Identify presence/absence of key rock types (eg Cu/Au porphyries, A-type granites)
      • Prioritisation of target areas


      Oil and gas exploration

      In provenance studies, the information from Hf isotopes and trace elements provides a more detailed source signature than U-Pb ages alone.
      • TerraneChron® defines the crustal history of the source region of the sediment
      • Changes in direction of basin filling track regional tilting, subsidence
      • Stratigraphic markers in thick non-fossiliferous sediment packages
      • Proven applications in the North Sea


Guide to applications of the TerraneChron® methodology