GEMOC structure

THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE of GEMOC is designed for efficiency, flexibility and interaction. The financial management operates within Macquarie University's Finance System. The Teaching Program is incorporated into the teaching activities and strategies of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Macquarie to ensure that GEMOC interfaces in a positive way with the existing structures while retaining a clear identity and funding unit.

GEMOC has been reconfirmed as a Centre of Excellence within Macquarie University's Research and Research Teaching Management Plan allowing for ongoing appropriate staffing and support arrangements.


Professor Suzanne O'Reilly is Director of GEMOC

Dr Wai Ling Yeung is full-time administrator at Macquarie

Professor Richard Arculus is Program Leader and the Coordinator of Research and Teaching Programs at ANU

Dr Richard Flood is the coordinator of Teaching Programs at Macquarie and Head of Earth and Planetary Sciences from December 1999.

Professor W. L. Griffin is seconded (80%) to GEMOC (through Macquarie University) from CSIRO. He is adjunct Professor at Macquarie University and is the Program Leader responsible for Technology Development and Industry Interaction

Dr David Ellis is Alternate Program Leader and the Coordinator of Research and Teaching Programs at ANU with his appointment as Head of Department

Dr Kelsie Dadd is responsible for implementation of GIS-based teaching methodology in the Teaching Program, for promotional activities to attract students and GEMOC's web page at Macquarie

Dr Simon Jackson is responsible for ICPMS and laser microprobe development at Macquarie

Dr John Ridley is responsible for development of teaching and research programs in metallogenesis at Macquarie

Dr Norman Pearson is Manager of the Geochemical Analysis Unit at Macquarie

Ms Sally-Ann Hodgekiss is the GEMOC graphics and design consultant at Macquarie

Some of the GEMOC Advisory Board members and guests, December 2000. Back row, left to right: Jon Hronsky, Bill Griffin, Wai Ling Yeung, Rob Rutherford, Steve Walters, Simon Jackson. Front row, left to right: Bruce Wyatt, Suzanne O'Reilly, Lesley Wyborn


Professor Suzanne Y. O'Reilly

Professor Richard Arculus
  (or Dr David Ellis)

Professor William Griffin

university members

Professor P. Bergquist
  Macquarie University
- Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor J. Loxton
  Macquarie University
- Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Dr Kelsie Dadd
- GEMOC Lecturer (Macquarie)

Dr Richard Flood
- GEMOC Lecturer (Macquarie)

Dr Brian Lees (Reader)
  Department of Geography
  Australian National University
- GIS adviser

external university representative

Professor R. R. Large
   University of Tasmania
- Director, CODES Special Research Centre

representative of Australian Geological
Survey Organisation (AGSO)

Dr L.A. Wyborn
- Link with AGSO programs
- GIS adviser

industry members

*Mr Rob Rutherford)
- Phelps Dodge Australasia Inc

Dr Jon Hronsky
- WMC (Perth)

Dr Steve Walters
- GeoDiscovery

Mr Bruce Wyatt
- DeBeers Australia Exploration Ltd

*Replaces Dr Russell Fountain who has relocated to the USA as global Chief Executive of Phelps Dodge


2000 Annual Report