The focus of GEMOC's research programs is the driving role of the mantle in Earth processes and its control of element and commodity distribution in the accessible crust. This bottom-up approach involves

Understanding the location of different types of metallogenic provinces by understanding the links between:

  • mantle processes
  • crustal generation
  • large-scale tectonics
  • heat and fluid transport

An interdisciplinary and integrated approach, linking:

  • petrology and geochemistry (including fluid/vapour studies)
  • geophysics (mantle and global scales)
  • tectonics (mantle-crust links)
  • time

to interpret the lithosphere as a 4-dimensional system.

The research program comprises four strands:
  • Lithosphere Mapping
  • Geotectonics
  • Crustal Generation Processes
  • Metallogenic Provinces

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