GEMOC communications 2000

2000 WAS ANOTHER YEAR of national and international highlights for GEMOC presentations with showcasing of many of our postgraduate research results in posters and oral presentations.


  • Seven GEMOC workshops (by John Veevers) to introduce the book Billion-year earth history of Australia and neighbours in Gondwanaland. The first workshop at Macquarie University attracted more than 60 participants from universities, high schools and the industrial sector. Other workshops were held at the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide, the University of Queensland, the University of Townsville and at Orange (sponsored by Newcrest Mining). Another workshop will be held at Macquarie University, focussing on training for high school teachers.
  • Kelsie Dadd was co-chair of Session 225 Volcanology (with Sheila Seaman) at the 2000 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada (December 2000).
  • John Ridley gave an invited contribution at the Short Course "Gold in 2000" (sponsored and organised by the Society of Economic Geologists) at Lake Tahoe, Nevada in November 2000. The two-day short course was designed to be a digest of our present knowledge of the geology and genesis of all types of gold deposits and was attended by about 150 industry geologists, government geologists, students and academics. John's contribution (in collaboration with Prof. Larryn Diamond of the Mining University, Leoben, Austria) was entitled "Fluid Chemistry of Orogenic Lode Gold Deposits and Implications for Genetic Models" and summarised current knowledge and applications of the fluid chemistry of this type of deposit.
  • Kari Anderson (GEMOC Postgraduate) convened oral and poster Sessions T21A and T22C " Geodynamics in the Late Paleozoic: From Gondwana to Pangaea" at the Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco in December 2000.
  • "Geochemical Applications" course, available to Honours and postgraduate students nationally, but primarily in SUCOGG
  • Workshop on "Tectonic Evolution of East and Southeast Asia: A Framework for Reconstruction and Resources", a joint UNE-GEMOC venture with contributions from CSIRO and two Chinese geophysicists. Workshop materials (four volumes of notes and an interactive CD-ROM) formed the basis of a distance-delivery, modular Short Course.
  • Guest co-editor (W.L. Griffin) of Tectonophysics Volume for International Geological Project 420
  • Guest co-editor (W.L. Griffin) of Lithos Volume in Honour of Brenda Jensen
  • "S-Type Granites", a Symposium to honour Professor Allan White was organised for February 2001 by Bruce Chappell.

GEMOC presenters at the New Frontiers Isotope Conference, Lorne. Back row, (L-R): Bill Griffin, Norm Pearson, Simon Jackson, Stuart Graham. Front row, (L-R): Ming Zhang, Olivier Alard.



Abstract titles for Conferences and Workshops attended are listed in Appendix 4 and full texts are available on the GEMOC website.


within Australia
Links were strengthened and/or initiated with other Australian institutions including visits and cooperation for use of equipment, collaborative research and publication, cooperative Short Course delivery and resource sharing.

These institutions include:

University of New England
University of Sydney
University of Newcastle
Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU
University of Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
University of Technology, Sydney
University of New South Wales
Monash University
University of Western Sydney


International links in 2000 have included:

Aerogeologiya, Moscow
Kiev State University, Ukraine
VSEGEI, St Petersburg
TsNIGRI, Moscow
Almazy Rossi-Sakha, Yakutia
Institute of Mineralogy, Novosibirsk
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Ministry of Mines, Rangoon, Myanmar
Pune University, India
University of Jean Monnet, St Etienne, France
Nanjing University
China Academy of Sciences, Beijing
National Geological Survey (new national peak geological institute), Beijing
China Academy of Geoexploration, Beijing and Xi'an
China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
University of Oslo, Norway
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven
University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
University of Northern Arizona, Arizona.
The Open University, UK
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Cape Town
Université de Lausanne
University of Taiwan
University of Texas, El Paso
Institute of Geology and Nuclear Sciences, NZ

GEMOC fosters links nationally and internationally through visits of collaborators to undertake defined short-term discrete projects or short-term visits to give lectures and seminar sessions.
Australian and International visitors are listed in Appendix 3.
They have participated in:
collaborative research, technology exchange, seminars, discussions and joint publications, collaboration in Postgraduate programs

GEMOC Press published "Billion-year earth history of Australia and neighbours in Gondwanaland (BYEHA)" edited by John Veevers. Other GEMOC participants who have contributed to the book are David Clark, Paul Morgan, Sue O'Reilly, Erwin Scheibner, Phil Schmidt and Malcolm Walter (see page 17).
Ron Vernon's book "Beneath our Feet: the Rocks of Planet Earth" (Cambridge University Press) was published. This book is for everyone interested in natural history and draws on Ron's stunning collection of images of rocks and minerals in their natural habitat and under the microscope.

The French Connection: At St Etienne for Bertrand Moine's thesis defence are (L-R standing) André Giret, Jean-Yves Cottin, Sue O'Reilly, Michel Grégoire, Bertrand Moine, with Guillaume Delpech seated.

2000 Annual Report