Professor Trevor Green

BSc (hons) Tas, PhD ANU.

Emeritus Professor
Honorary Associate

Contact Details

email :

Trevor Green
GEMOC, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Macquarie University NSW, 2109

Fields of research

Trevor's research interests include igneous and metamorphic petrology, particularly high pressure experimental studies on natural and synthetic rock systems. Trevor is presently working on trace element partitioning at high pressure with particular emphasis on ratios and fluid/melt and fluid/mineral partitioning. Related experimental studies on the nature of metasomatic melts and the importance of trace element-rich accessory minerals in the Earth's mantle are in progress.

Selected Publications (since 2000)

Green, T.H., Blundy, J.D., Adam, J. and Yaxley, G.M. 2000. SIMS determination of trace element partition coefficients between garnet, clinopyroxene and hydrous basaltic liquids at 2-7.5 GPa and 1080-1200°C. Lithos, 53, 165-187.

Adam, J. and Green, T. 2001. Experimentally determined partition coefficients for minor and trace elements in peridotite minerals and carbonatitic melt, and their relevance to natural carbonatites.  European Journal of Mineralogy, 13, 815-827.

Green, T.H. and Adam, J. 2002. Pressure effect on Ti- or P-rich accessory mineral saturation in evolved granitic melts with differing K2O/Na2O ratios. Lithos, 61, 271-282.

Adam, J. and Green, T. 2003. The influence of pressure, mineral composition and water on trace element partitioning between clinopyroxene, amphibole and basanitic melts. European Journal of Mineralogy, 15, 831-841.

Green, T.H. and Adam, J. 2003. Experimentally-determined trace element characteristics of aqueous fluid from partially dehydrated mafic oceanic crust at 3.0 Gpa, 650-700°C. European Journal of Mineralogy, 15, 815-830.

Xiong, X.L., Adam, J. and Green, T.H. 2005. Rutile stability and rutile/melt HFSE partitioning during partial melting of hydrous basalt: Implications for TTG genesis. Chemical Geology, 218, 339-359.

Adam, J. and Green, T. 2006. Trace element partitioning between mica- and amphibole-bearing garnet lherzolite and hydrous basanitic melt: 1. Experimental results and the investigation of controls on partitioning behaviour. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology , 152, 1-17.

Hauri, E.H., Gaetani, G.A. and Green, T. H. 2006. Partitioning of water during melting of the earth’s upper mantle at H2O-undersaturated conditions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248, 715-734.

Adam, J., Oberti, R., Camara, F. and Green T.H. 2007. An electron microprobe, LAM-ICP-MS and single-crystal X-Ray structure refinement study of the effects of pressure, melt-H2O concentration and fO2 on experimentally produced basaltic amphiboles. European Journal of Mineralogy, 19, 641-655.

Klimm, K., Blundy, J.D. and Green, T.H. 2008. Trace element partitioning and accessory phase saturation during H2O saturated melting of basalt with implications for subduction zone chemical fluxes. Journal of Petrology, 49, 523-553.

Regelous, M., Turner, S., Falloon, T., Taylor, P., Gamble, J. and Green, T. 2008. Mantle dynamics and mantle melting beneath Niuafo’ou Island and the northern Lau back-arc basin. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 156, 103-118.

Adam, J. and Green, T. 2011. Trace element partitioning between mica- and amphibole-bearing garnet lherzolite and hydrous basanitic melt: 2. Tasmanian Cainozoic basalts and the origins of intraplate basaltic magmas. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 161, 883-899.

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