GEMOC's International links


GEMOC has strong international links. These were based dominantly in Asia for the first three years including China, Japan, Mongolia, Myanmar and Thailand and the former USSR but have since broadened to include substantial programs in France, (funded by IREX from 2000), Norway, Germany, Canada and the USA.


  • geophysical analysis of China Geotraverses (including gravity modeling)
  • nature and geophysical signature of the lithosphere in southeastern China
  • crust-mantle interaction in southeastern China: the origin of the Yanshanian Granites
  • trace element and isotopic characteristics of zircon as indicators of granite magma evolution
  • nature of the lithosphere in northwestern China (Tienshan Mountains in Xinjian)
  • fundamental terrane boundaries in Japan
  • nature of volcanism at collision margins: evidence from deep-sea ashes
  • metallogenesis of southeastern China
  • basaltic volcanism and basin development, north China
  • thermal contrasts and paleogeotherms in Siberia, Mongolia, eastern China
  • sapphire occurrences and origin
  • diamond exploration, tectonism, and geophysical nature of the lithosphere, Siberia and E. Asia
  • mantle terranes and tectonic analysis, Siberia
  • Rodinia and Gondwana: dispersal and docking of Australian terranes in Asia

Solving the history of seafloor peridotites with PGE analyses: Ambre Luguet (Natural History Museum, Paris) with Olivier Alard and Bill Griffin.



Platinum group element geochemistry of abyssal peridotites with Prof P. Lorand and Ambre Luguet (National Natural History Museum, Paris).

Canary Island lithosphere and volcanism with Prof. E.-R. Neumann and Siri Simonsen (University of Oslo).

Tectonic domains in southern Norway (using in situ U/Pb dating and Hf isotopic of zircons), with Prof T. Andersen (University Oslo).

Collaborative agreements negotiated with Dr Karsten Gohl (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven) to participate in planned RV Sonne cruises to investigate the nature of the Campbell Plateau, Southern Ocean.

Characteristics of the lithospheric mantle wedge in the Japan, Kurile-Kamchatka and Luzon-Taiwan subduction zones.

Analysis of melt inclusions in Canary Island basalt phenocrysts: Siri Simonsen (University of Oslo), Sue O'Reilly, Ashwini Sharma and Norm Pearson (from left).



Collaboration continued with Professors A. Giret and J.-Y. Cottin of the University of Jean Monnet, St Etienne. A formal agreement between the two universities includes PhD exchange, academic exchange and research collaboration relevant to the nature of the lithosphere in the Kerguelen Archipelago, Crozet Islands, Hoggar and the Massif Central. Bertrand Moine completed his related PhD studies, Guillaume Delpech commenced a PhD with an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and Stephanie Touron was granted an IPRS to commence a PhD at Macquarie in 2001. Dr M. Gregoire (University of Cape Town) continued collaboration in this project.

Zircon Provenance (using in situ U/Pb dating and Hf isotopic compositions) from North Sea sediments, with Trine-Lise Knudsen (University of Oslo).

Sulfides and the PGE budget in the mantle beneath the Massif Central with Prof J.-L. Bodinier, (University of Montpelier) and Prof P. Lorand, (National Natural History Museum, Paris).

Composition and crystal chemistry of mantle amphiboles with M. Tiepolo, R. Vanucci and R. Oberti from the University of Pavia, Italy.

In situ Sr isotope analysis of marine fossils to constrain stratigraphic/tectonic reconstruction of terranes in New Zealand, with Dr C. Adams (Institute of Geology and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand).

South American diamonds with Dr Felix Kaminsky (KMD Diamond Exploration, Canada).

Interpretation of the lithosphere structure of the Global Geoscience Transect 21 with Professor Yuan Xuecheng of the China Geological Survey.

Gravity Modeling (2-D) and integrated modeling of lithosphere structure of the Taiwan-Szechuan section of the Global Geoscience Transect 21. This is a collaborative project with the newly-formed China Geological Survey and the Regional Gravity Centre, Xi'an.

In collaboration with Drs H. Laperre and E. Jaillard of the Institut Dolomieu of the Université Joseph Fourier and CNRS (Grenoble) respectively, Richard Arculus has been involved in studies of the Andean margin of Ecuador.

Igneous rocks, mineral deposits and tectonic setting: southeastern China and eastern Australia (with Nanjing University led in China by Prof. Zhou Xinmin with reciprocal funding from China sources). This is funded by AusAID under the ACILP scheme and ARC.

Lithosphere Mapping in eastern China (with a Consortium of participating institutions in a 5-year National Priority Program funded by China NSF from 1997, led in China by Prof Zhou Xinhua of the Geological Institute, Academy of Sciences, Beijing). Results and material from GEMOC's previous International Links Project played a key role in the success of this project funding in China.

Bill Griffin co-edited a Tectonophysics Special Issue (Vol. 328) for the international project "Continental Growth in the Phanerozoic: Evidence from East-Central Asia" designated IGCP (International Geological Correlation Program) Project 420 (papers from the workshop in Urumqi in 1998).

Drs Pornsawat Wathanakul (Kasetsart University, Bangkok), Visut Pisutha-Arnond (Chalalongkorn University, Bangkok) and Dr Suporn Intasopa (Department of Mineral Resources, Bangkok) continued collaborative work with GEMOC on the genesis of basaltic-hosted corundum (in Thailand).

Nature of Siberian Lithosphere part 2 (with WMC).

Canadian shield lithosphere structure (with Kennecott Canada).

Thermal and petrologic structure of the Rio Grande Rift and Baja California (with USA partners).

Deccan plume mantle (with Pune University).

Kerguelen Archipelago lithosphere structure (with the University of St Etienne).

Inclusions in diamonds from Canadian lithosphere (with Kennecott Canada).

Thailand diamonds, sapphires and basalts (with Kasetstart University, Myanmar Ministry of Mines and CSIRO).

Refer to the Research Program and Postgraduate sections of this Report for details of other projects.
GEMOC participants also have a wide range of other research collaborations with colleagues in UK, USA, Europe (France, Germany, Norway, Italy) as described in the section on Research Programs and in Appendix 5.

Xu Xisheng, Nanjing University


Celebrating Bertrand Moine's successful thesis defence in St Etienne: Hilary Downes, Bertrand Moine and Simon Sheppard (from left).

2000 Annual Report