GEMOC - Department of EPS - Faculty of Science - Macquarie University



  • GEMOC is centred at the School of Earth Sciences, Macquarie University and is networked with the Department of Geology at ANU.


  • There is a close collaboration with CSIRO Exploration and Mining (North Ryde) and AGSO.


  • Dr Brian Lees (Department of Geography, ANU), Dr Ian Metcalfe (UNE), Professor David Gust (QUT) Associate Professor Bas Hensen, UNSW) and Dr W. Collins (University of Newcastle) have collaborative links


  • through program development, project participation or facility sharing.


  • GEMOC currently incorporates 16 academic staff, 7 scientists from Government departments and a large number of research staff.


  • GEMOC has a wide network of international research and teaching development partners as listed below.

    A list of current participants and involvement in GEMOC is given in Appendix 2.

Annual Report 1996