GEMOC - Department of EPS - Faculty of Science - Macquarie University



The organisational structure of GEMOC is designed for efficiency, flexibility and interaction. A new management framework has been set up for the Research, Technology and Industry Interaction Programs. The financial management operates within Macquarie University's Finance System. The Teaching Program is incorporated into the teaching activities and strategies of the School of Earth Sciences at Macquarie and the Department of Earth Sciences at ANU to ensure that GEMOC interfaces in a positive way with the existing structures while retaining a clear identity and funding unit at each node. Interaction and coordination at all levels is ensured by the non-linear management structure.

New appointments relevant to management

  • Professor W.L. Griffin has been seconded (80%) to GEMOC from CSIRO. He has taken up a Professorial Fellowship at Macquarie University and is the Co-Director responsible for Technology Development and Industry Interaction.

  • Professor Richard Arculus is Co-Director and the coordinator of Research and Teaching Programs at ANU.

  • Dr Richard Flood is the coordinator of Teaching Programs at Macquarie

  • Mrs Yvonne Bartels was half-time administrator in the Centre until February 1996.

  • Ms Rosemary Eliott has now taken up the position of full-time administrator at Macquarie.

  • The Advisory Board has been set up for 1995-1996.

    Advisory Board Members 1995 to 1996

    Director Professor Suzanne Y. O'Reilly

    Co-directors Professor Richard Arculus Professor William Griffin

    University Members Professor P. Bergquist Macquarie University

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

    Professor J. Loxton Macquarie University

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

    Dr Brian Lees (Reader) Department of Geography Australian National University

  • GIS adviser

    External University Representative
    Professor R. R. Large University of Tasmania

  • Director, CODES National Key Centre
  • Member, ARC Institutional Grants Committee

    Representative of Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO)
    Dr L.A. Wyborn

  • Link with AGSO programs
  • GIS adviser

    Industry members
    Mr David Fielding CRA Exploration Pty Ltd

    Dr Russell J. Fountain / Ms Kerin Donovan
    Phelps Dodge Australia Inc

    Mr Chris Smith
    CRA Exploration Pty Ltd

    Mr Bruce Wyatt
    Stockdale Prospecting Limited


  • Inaugural Advisory Board Meeting held December 1995

  • Teaching Program planning initiated

  • Technology Development strategies initiated

  • Two Research Program Workshops held and research initiatives set up (see Research Report)

  • Refurbishing of administrative offices and contiguous staff studies and research laboratories at Macquarie completed to first stage

  • A system of in-house student unit evaluation by questionnaire set up at each node

Annual Report 1996