GEMOC - Department of EPS - Faculty of Science - Macquarie University




  • to create a new paradigm for the formation of metallogenic provinces by undertaking fundamental research on the evolution of the upper 200 km of the Earth's crust-mantle system, integrating petrological, geochemical and geophysical information


  • to give the Australian minerals exploration industry a competitive edge into the 21st century by transferring this new knowledge base and the methodologies to the industry and to the next generation of students

    The Research aims


  • to understand the processes that control the generation and modification of the crust-mantle system and to define the tectonic and geochemical processes that create different crustal and mantle domains


  • to map the spatial and temporal distribution of elements, rock types and physical and chemical conditions within this system


  • to define the systematics of element redistribution in the mantle and crust during the critical liquid-crystal and vapour-liquid separation events


  • to advance the modelling of the crust and lithospheric mantle from geophysical datasets, through integration of geophysical, petrological and geochemical information


  • to provide a new framework for area selection for a wide spectrum of economic deposits, by linking these models and processes to the formation of metallogenic provinces


  • to develop collaborative links with international institutions and researchers relevant to GEMOC's goals

    The teaching aims


  • to provide senior undergraduate and postgraduate students with a broad, integrative understanding of Earth architecture and processes, bridging the discipline boundaries of geology and geophysics


  • to train senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in new conceptual approaches and the applications of advanced technology, including geochemical analysis techniques and the integrated field and laboratory use of geographic information systems (GIS)


  • to develop international links in teaching programs (especially postgraduate) relevant to GEMOC's goals


  • to develop formal tailored coursework components at postgraduate level which can also be packaged for distance education delivery and as short courses available to the mining industry


  • to enhance the pool of high quality geoscience graduates by restructuring academic programs to attract a new clientele

    The outcomes


  • Fundamental insights into the processes that produce and modify the continental mantle and crust through time


  • A better understanding of the assembly of the Australian continent and its geological architecture to 100-200 km depth. The research will be enhanced by work on other continents.


  • Results and concepts exportable to other terrains, especially the Pacific Rim and other potentially resource-rich areas


  • A new conceptual framework for understanding the localisation of economic deposits, which will influence exploration strategies for new world-class ore deposits, and improve the competitiveness of the Australian exploration industry both on- and off-shore


  • A realistic 3-D geological framework for the interpretation of large-scale geophysical datasets


  • A training program for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students (and continuing education) that will help maintain the technological edge of the Australian mineral industry and improve the industry's ability to rapidly assimilate new concepts and methodologies


  • New analytical strategies for determining the chemical and isotopic compositions of geological materials (including fluids)


  • International research, teaching and technology links of benefit to Australia

Annual Report 1996