GEMOC - Department of EPS - Faculty of Science - Macquarie University



This program has three short-term objectives in addition to the overall teaching aims outlined at the beginning: * to reform the undergraduate curriculum
* to strengthen Geophysics training
* to introduce GIS-based philosophy and practice to both fieldwork and laboratory work
* to introduce a general-interest course to attract different clientele


Chair of Geology

  • Macquarie University has advertised for a Chair of Geology (Appendix 6) in a field relevant to the Key Centre.
  • A geophysicist (gravity-heat flow-magnetics speciality) has been offered a 3-year GEMOC post-doctoral position
  • Macquarie University has made an offer of appointment to an academic staff member in geophysics (seismic speciality) in the School of Earth Sciences, Macquarie. This will double the teaching staff and provide a greater interface with the Mineral Exploration Technology CRC at Macquarie
  • Workshops with Dr L. Wyborn and Dr B. Lees for GEMOC participants
  • Purchase of sufficient GPS units for fieldwork use in all undergraduate field units ($20K grant from Macquarie University)
  • Purchase of workstations for GIS at both nodes
  • Appointment of two academic staff members (one each at Macquarie and ANU) with GIS responsibilities
  • Offer of post-doctoral position at ANU
General-Interest Course
  • A general interest unit of study "Earth's Evolving Environment" has been introduced from 1996 at Macquarie to reach a wider student cross-section.
  • Under revision


GEMOC offers scholarships for students with excellent undergraduate records who are carrying out GEMOC-related projects. The following projects commenced February 1996.


Lisa Bascombe:
Nature of fluid activity in the mantle beneath the Wallabadah Rocks Area
Tim Chambers:
Tertiary volcanic history of the Mount Royal Ranges
Rosemarie Slip:
An investigation of the Tertiary Barrington Tops Volcano


Caroline Read:
Goalen Head Gabbros and associated mineralisation
Katie Devlin:
The albitite units at Broken Hill



Oliver Gaul (PhD):
Composition of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath Australia

Rondi Davies (PhD):
East Australian Diamonds: Characterisation and origin

Joanne McCarron (MSc):
Mantle xenoliths from Queensland and South Australia

Elena Belousova (PhD):
Zircon and apatite geochemistry: applications to petrology and mineral exploration

Xu Xisheng (PhD, exchange, Nanjing University):
The lithospheric mantle beneath eastern China

Shixin Yao (PhD):
Chromite as a petrogenetic indicator in ultramafic rocks

ANU Colleen Bryant (PhD):
Geochemistry of volcanic ashes from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc system, recovered by Ocean Drilling, and a petrogenetic study of zoned Alaskan ultramafic intrusions

X. Teng (MSc):
Petrology of the trans-Tanakura Tectonic Line (a lithosphere-penetrating fault in Honshu) island arc transect.

Liankun Sha (PhD):
Accessory minerals (especially phosphates) in granites of the Lachlan Fold Belt; theoretical modelling of ordering-disordering in silicate minerals.

Alfredo Camacho (PhD, jointly with RSES):
The geology of the Musgrave Ranges, Central Australia

Geoff Fraser (PhD, jointly with RSES):
The metamorphism and cooling history of the Lutzow-Holm Bay area, Antarctica

Greg Cameron (PhD, jointly with Dr John Walshe, CSIRO):
The origin of Au mineralisation at Porgera

Eugene Bastrakov (PhD, jointly with Dr John Walshe, CSIRO):
The geology and geochemistry of the Lake Cowal deposit, NSW

Ulrike Troitzsch (PhD)
Metamorphism of mafic rocks in the crust and mantle

Tony Kemp (PhD):
Some aspects of low pressure partial melting


A Short Course on X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis was held at ANU in November 1995

Annual Report 1996