GEMOC - Department of EPS - Faculty of Science - Macquarie University



GEMOC and ANU industry support includes:

* direct funding of research programs
* "in kind" funding including field support (Australia and overseas)
* access to proprietary databases, sample collections, digital datasets
* collaborative research programs (eg APA Industry and full PhD program funding)
* assistance in the implementation of GIS technology in postgraduate programs

Industry Interaction, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation Program

The Key Centre will rely on a vigorous interaction with the mineral exploration industry at both the research and the teaching/training levels. The research results of the Centre's work is transferred to the industry and to the scientific community by:

  • Interaction through collaborative industry-supported Honours, MSc and PhD projects

  • Short courses relevant to the industry and government sector users, designed to communicate and transfer new technologies, new techniques and new knowledge in the discipline areas covered by the Key Centre

  • AMIRA- sponsored collaborative research projects

  • One-on-one research collaborations and shorter-term consultancies on industry problems involving national and international partners

  • Provision of high quality geochemical analysis and interpretations to industry and government organisations extends our industry interface

  • Expansion of the DIATREEM (Macquarie University) and INAX (ANU) consultancies, which will employ and disseminate the technological developments carried out by the Centre

Progress due to GEMOC

  • The mineral exploration industry currently is funding three new postgraduate student projects. In each case, the company involved has been closely involved in formulating the research project and in several cases also provides invaluable in-kind support.

  • Two new collaborative research projects were started within the Lithosphere Mapping strand, one with Almazy Rossii-Sakha and one with Kennecott Canada Inc. (see Research Program, above).

  • A representative from Anglo American Research Laboratories spent one week for technology transfer in the ICPMS laboratory at Macquarie, learning our approach to analysis and exchanging information about AARL's experience with infra-red lasers in ICPMS analysis.

  • DIATREEM began providing LAM-ICPMS analyses of garnets and chromites to the diamond-exploration industry on a routine basis, through cooperation with CSIRO-EM.

Annual Report 1996