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Gemoc offers scholarships for students with excellent undergraduate records who are carrying out GEMOC-related projects.
The following honours projects in GEMOC were completed in 2003

Daniel Galda: Determination of the elastic properties of alluvium

Lachlan Gibbins: A geophysical investigation of two upland swamps, Woronora Plateau, NSW Australia

Kathleen McMahon: Seismic reflection studies of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica

Dan Nielsen: A geological, geochemical and geophysical investigation of the Paleroo Creek area near Narrabri

The following Honours projects are relevant to GEMOC in 2004:

Stephanie Carroll: Cretaceous Granulites in Fiordland, New Zealand (mid-year)

Kirsty Liddicoat: Chemical and isotopic signatures of opal genesis at Lightning Ridge, NSW



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Gemoc postgraduate students once more provided a high profile for our postgraduate training through 2003, including the Goldschmidt Conference in Kurashiki (Japan), the West Norway Eclogite Symposium in Selje (Norway), the 8th International Kimberlite Conference in Victoria (Canada) and the Hutton Symposium in Japan. Sonja Aulbach and Sonal Rege received travel grants from the Organising Committee to present papers at the peak mantle forum, the 8th Kimberlite Conference.

GEMOC’s international exchange program with the University of Jean Monnet, St Etienne continued. Stephanie Touron spent 3 months working in the stable isotope laboratory at St Etienne while her Macquarie supervisors (Sue O’Reilly and Bill Griffin) were there for 3 months’ research. Guillaume Delpech was in the final stages of thesis writing in anticipation of completion early in 2004.


Stephanie Touron in the stable isotope laboratory at the Univ. of Jean Monnet, St Etienne.



Olivier Alard (PhD):  Trace element geochemistry and mantle domains, emphasis on PGE and Re/Os; IPRS with MUIPRA stipend (graduated 2001)

Sonja Aulbach (PhD):  Depletion and metasomatic processes in cratonic mantle; IPRS with MUIPRA stipend (submitted October 2003) (see Research Highlights)

Kari Anderson (PhD):  Defining the APWP for early to mid Palaeozoic eastern Gondwanaland: paleomagnetic pole information from the northern Tasman Orogen; IPRS with MUIPRA stipend (graduated 2003)

Elena Belousova (PhD):  Zircon and apatite geochemistry: applications to petrology and mineral exploration;  APA and sponsorship by Rio Tinto (graduated 2000)

Eloise Beyer (PhD):  Contrasting characteristics of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic mantle types; Field assistance from Ashton Mining (graduated 2003) (see Research Highlights)

Rondi Davies (PhD):  East Australian Diamonds: Characterisation and origin;  Sponsored by Rio Tinto, Kennecott Canada (graduated 1999)

Oliver Gaul (PhD):  Composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath Australia;   APAI collaborative with Stockdale Prospecting, CSIRO EM (graduated 2000)

Joanne McCarron (MSc):  Mantle xenoliths from Queensland and South Australia (graduated 1997)

Bertrand Moine (PhD):  The role of fluids in the genesis, segregation and crystallisation of intraplate oceanic mantle magmas: implications for crustal accretion; Co-tutelle with University of Jean Monnet  (graduated 2000)

Mark Pirlo (PhD):  Australian groundwater geochemistry; applications to heat flow and exploration;  APA and Queen’s Trust for Young Australians Award (graduated 2003)

Shixin Yao (PhD):  Chromite as a petrogenetic indicator in ultramafic rocks;  Collaborative with Rio Tinto  (graduated 2000)

Xu Xisheng (PhD):  The lithospheric mantle beneath eastern China; Formal exchange PhD, Nanjing and Macquarie (graduated 2000)
Mark Pirlo, Sue O'Reilly, Eloise Beyer and Bill Griffin at the May 2003 graduation ceremony.


Steve Cooper (PhD): Diamonds and mantle-derived mi> Diamonds and mantle-derived minerals, NW Australia and South Australia (commenced part-time 2003)


Guillaume Delpech (PhD): Isotopic characteristics of lithosphere processes beneath Kerguelen; Co-tutelle with University of Jean Monnet, IPRS with GEMOC stipend and EURODOC scholarship (commenced 2000)

Raynald Ethien (PhD):  Origin of differentiated magmas from an oceanic island: petrology and geochemistry of volcanic and plutonic silicic rocks from Kerguelen Island (Indian Ocean); Co-tutelle with University of Jean Monnet, St Etienne (commenced 2001)

Bin Guo (PhD):  An integrated geophysical investigation of the Hunter-Mooki and Peel Fault; IPRS with MUIPRA  stipend (commenced 2001)

Valeria Murgulov (PhD): Crust-mantle evolution and metallogeny, eastern Australia; APA (commenced 2003)

Kathlene Oliver (MSc):  Depth and subsurface shape of the Dundee Ignimbrite (part-time, commenced 2001)

Will Powell (PhD):  Nature of the lithospheric mantle in the New England Region, NSW;  APA (part-time, commenced 1997)

Sonal Rege (PhD):  Trace-element geochemistry of diamonds; IPRS with iMURS scholarship (commenced 2002)

Stephanie Touron (PhD):  Geochemical fingerprints of the mantle beneath the Massif Central; IPRS with MURAACE scholarship (commenced 2001)

Esmé van Achterbergh (PhD):  Trace-element fingerprints of metasomatic processes in lithospheric mantle (part-time, commenced 1998)

Some of GEMOC’s 2003 postgraduate students: Will Powell, Stephanie Touron, Guillaume Delpech, Sonal Rege and Valeria Murgulov.

Commencing 2004

Brad Bailey (PhD): Law Dome: Ice and Crust Mass Balance Studies

Kathleen McMahon (PhD): Fracturing and deformation along the Amery Ice Shelf: A seismic study

Luke Milan (PhD): The emplacement, pressure-temperature-time path and structural evolution of lower crustal gneisses in Fiordland, New Zealand

Nenad Nikolic (PhD): Evolution of crust-mantle systems near a young rift: NW Spitsbergen, Norway


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